Bandeira Brunei

Bandeira Brunei

The flag of Brunei was adopted on September 29th, 1959, when the country became a protectorate of the United Kingdom, and became official on January 1st, 1984, when the country became independent.

The flag is composed of a yellow background, traditional symbol of the monarchy, a double slanting whitish-black band that is not parallel to its diagonal and, occupying the center and in red, the coat of arms of Brunei. The latter is composed of:

  • A royal parasol (called Payung Ubor-Ubor) surmounted by a flag representing royal power.
  • Two wings (Sayab) with four feathers each representing the protection of justice, tranquility, prosperity and peace.
  • A crescent to remember Islam with the national motto “الدائمون المحسنون بالهدى” “Sentiasa membuat kebajikan dengan petunjuk Allah” (English: “Always in service with the guidance of God”).
  • A ribbon where you can read in Arabic “Brunei Darussalam” which means “Brunei, homeland of peace”.
  • A pair of hands (tangana or Kimhap) on each side that personify the governmental power willing to promote serenity, peace and prosperity.

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