Horóscopo do dia: previsão de hoje 31/01/2021 para seu signo

Horóscopo do dia


With the Moon in your solar sixth house today, dear Aries, you continue to find many reasons to be productive. You can be quite motivated to deal with problems and put them behind you. However, as the day advances, the Sun and Mars head toward a clashing aspect, and it’s best to tame any impulses to push, overdo, or overspend. There’s a tendency for impatience to lead to disadvantage, and it’s best not to indulge every passing whim. Foresight may be lacking temporarily, or you can clash with others over money, values, or matters of respect and worth. Something that’s just out of reach can be more tempting than usual. Aim to recognize when ego issues may be taking over and spoiling the day.


The Moon spends the day in your outgoing solar fifth house, dear Taurus, which is an uplifting transit. You may want to get creative or enjoy your favorite activities and hobbies. As the day advances, there can be some tension with the Sun and Mars heading into a square. Energy levels get a big boost, but it may be excessive or hard to direct. Aggravation can follow if you can’t find a good outlet for it, and impatience might trip you up. It’s easier to suffer an ego bruise or to grate on others’ nerves. It doesn’t feel as easy to overlook small frustrations, and conflicts are possible. As you pursue your goals, you might unintentionally step on someone’s toes. You could feel overwhelmed with responsibilities and personal goals, finding little time in the day to get everything done. Do your best not to act out if you’re restless. Try instead to concentrate on what matters the most to you.


At this time of the lunar month, it’s wise to put in a special effort to nurture your emotional wellness and need for familiarity, dear Gemini. You’re a little more introspective now, but you’re also quite receptive. As the day advances, a Sun-Mars influence comes into play, and it can be a real instigator. Avoid letting impulses and complicated feelings control you, even if circumstances seem to have you focusing on frustrations, but do try to tap into a need for action. While you may feel rushed or pressured, it’s best not to push. Restlessness can also take over as you consider all the things you’d like to do, but another part of you is not quite ready to partake. Pay attention to what comes up to the surface–with Mars in your solar twelfth house stirring up what’s buried, you can learn a lot about lingering anger or unrecognized needs and desires.


Your curiosity and desire for variety are strong today, dear Cancer, with the Moon’s transit of the sector of your solar chart ruling communication, learning, sharing, and connecting. A Sun-Mars influence is coming into play now, and it can act as an instigator, stirring up buried issues that weren’t resolved. It’s all too easy to confuse drama with attention or happiness in your social or love life with this transit. It can bring out an immature part of us if we’re not careful, and restlessness or impatience can lead to errors or unnecessary complications. Channeled well, however, and you can make some important changes. Your best bet is to avoid getting under the control of impulses.


The Moon spends the day in your solar second house, dear Leo, and you can be emotionally focused on security, money, or comfort and stability. However, with the Sun and Mars approaching a square aspect, tension is rising today. It’s best to find ways to channel excess energy. Frustrations with responsibilities or business matters could be due to wanting to be the pioneer or rushing through things. If it’s not a race, remind yourself of that fact today! While you should certainly acknowledge your ambitions and your enterprising or competitive side, you’ll need more time to draw up a plan of action. Haste makes waste today, and you may need to take special care in your dealings, particularly with a person in authority, a colleague, and a partner, where abrasiveness can be an issue. It can be challenging to find the right outlets to express your frustration right now, but if frustrations motivate you to be productive, you’ll be in the right place.


The Moon spends the day in your sign, dear Virgo, and you may get the leeway to do your own thing. Still, it may not be easy to understand others’ motives right now. As the day advances, there can be quite a bit of restlessness, especially related to getting a job done or dealing with details. The Sun and Mars are heading toward a square aspect, and tension is possible surrounding work problems and minor but irritating challenges with your daily affairs. Concentration levels can plummet, and it may be a signal that you’re in need of a challenge or a new focus. Try not to expect to see both the details and the bigger picture at once right now. Watch for displays of ego if you clash with someone over an opinion, and aim for moderation.


The Moon spends the day in the sign behind yours, dear Libra, and you need some extra space emotionally. However, with a Sun-Mars square influencing the day, restless and temperamental energy is possible. If you need a challenge but can’t quite connect with this need, you might end up challenging others or acting out in other ways. People around you can be snappy, and ego clashes can figure strongly. You might want to avoid putting too much energy into pursuing sudden desires, which can be counterproductive, failing to satisfy you in the long run. A part of you could be attracting, or attracted to, a bit of drama if you can’t put your finger on what’s upsetting your equilibrium. Remind yourself that drama does not lead to happiness, and watch for impulsive spending, risk-taking, and jumping into or out of something too quickly.


The Moon spends the day in harmony with your sign, dear Scorpio, and you crave a smooth flow. Even so, the Sun and Mars are heading toward a square, which can raise tensions, especially with family or a partner. You may be torn between going it alone and getting feedback or having a companion. Others tend to be competitive today, and it can be annoying. You may be seeing people as too aggressive for your taste right now with assertive Mars in your house of “other” in a challenging aspect to the Sun. Conflicts may occur, but possible solutions might emerge as well. If something’s just stubbornly going nowhere, which is likely the case today, aim to change course.


You can feel a strong desire to attend to your responsibilities and long-term goals today, dear Sagittarius. While you’re seeking a little more order than usual, the day advances with tense or competitive energy, particularly with chores, work, or routines. There can be frustration and impatience if things are not moving quickly. Instead, you may need to navigate bruised egos around you. If you’re not in the position to move ahead, you can feel frustrated. It may be best to channel excess energy mindfully rather than scattering it around. Be a little more vigilant when it comes to situations that could lead to mishaps as there is a tendency to rush through things.


The Moon traveling through your spirit sector today suggests you’re seeking some emotional refreshment, dear Capricorn. This can happen on a mental plane–wrapping your mind around a new concept can be motivating. As the day advances, we close in on a Sun-Mars clash. While it can encourage you to be direct and active, it may go too far. People can be tense, insensitive, and impatient if they don’t have something productive to do under this challenging influence. Relationships can be tricky, and people temperamental, crude, or pushy just for now. Watch for conflicts in which high ego drives take over, and consider that jumping into something is unlikely to work well. Your best bet is to direct excess energy constructively or let frustrations motivate you to make improvements.


The Moon spends the day in your solar eighth house, dear Aquarius, and you seek some extra emotional intensity or a special focus/activity. With the Sun and Mars heading toward a square aspect, if you lack an agenda, you could end up just spinning your wheels, pumped up about something but unable to do much about it. If you get caught up in a disagreement, consider whether it’s worth it right now, as it’s likely to be a no-win situation. This transit tends to stir up a lot of tension, or you feel that you need to rush or bulldoze through a situation. It may be best to aim for moderation and nurture your ambitions rather than bother yourself with waiting on others. Stress in moderate doses can be a healthy driving force, but stress that sticks with you for too long or pressures you to act too soon is destructive.


You’re more sensitive than usual to what is out of balance in your life today, dear Pisces, with the Moon’s transit of your opposite sign. While you seek harmony with this position, the day’s energies can be rather tense or competitive in spots with an impending Sun-Mars clash. It’s best to watch for impatient moves and communications. Whether you feel it or not, you can come across as terse in your communications, creating a vicious circle. You might say something you later regret, or share an idea you later want to take back. Further, people around you may be on edge and more likely to dwell on minor challenges than usual. If you find yourself in a similar boat, consider expressing yourself through safe, productive channels.

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