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Manchester United Wallpaper

If Manchester United is your team at heart and you want to personalise your mobile, computer or tablet with beautiful images of your team in the background, check out our great selection of images! They’re ideas to apply as wallpaper!

Mobile/smartphone wallpaper (Vertical)

These are the ideal wallpapers for mobile phones and mobile devices because they are in vertical format.

Manchester United Football Club is an English club, based in Trafford in the Manchester metropolitan area, and is one of the most popular and successful teams in England and the world.

Manchester United are the most successful club in England, having won 38 major titles since Sir Alex Ferguson became coach on 6 November 1986.

In 1968, it became the first English club to win the current Champions League, beating Benfica 4-1, winning the second Champions League in 1999 and the third in 2008. United overcame their rivals Liverpool in 2011 by reaching the 19 Premier League title mark.

PC Wallpaper (Horizontal)

These are the wallpapers for computer backgrounds. They are horizontal images.

It is known as the “Red Devils”, as well as by abbreviations of its name, such as Manchester Utd, Man United, Man Utd and United. In many places it is referred to as “the Manchester” or just as “UNITED” so referred to by the vast majority of fans, due to the great worldwide projection of its rival Manchester City. It must be made clear that for the vast majority of fans who know the history of the club, the term “Man U” is pejorative, since its origin dates back to the time of the Munich disaster, when fans of other teams created songs exalting the tragedy and the fact that several players died.

Initially a medium sized club in English football, its history of achievements has been confused with the long history of two coaches for the team, both Scottish and honoured with the title of Sir after they won Europe: Matt Busby (who coached United from 1945 to 1969, plus a short period from December 1970 to early summer 1971) and Alex Ferguson, the greatest coach in the club’s history (he coached the club from November 1986 to May 2013).

Since the 1990s, the club has been one of the richest in the world and with the highest revenue among all football clubs, in February 2012 it was ranked as the richest and most valuable club in any sport, with an estimated value of EUR 490 million (R$ 1.1 billion). Manchester United was one of the founders of the now defunct G-14, a group of leading European football clubs, and its replacement, the European Association of Clubs. The club was elected by FIFA as the 2nd largest football club of the 20th century and the first of all English clubs. The Manchester United team is England’s second biggest winner, behind only Liverpool.

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