Juventus: Wallpaper Pictures


If you support or are a fan of Juventus, check out the best images to use as wallpapers for your phone, computer or any other device! Customize it so that you always have your heart team with you.

Wallpaper for phone / smartphone (Vertical)

These are the ideal wallpapers for cell phones and mobile devices, as they are in the vertical format.

The Juventus Football Club S.p.A. known simply as Juventus or, popularly, La Vecchia Signora or La Juve, is an Italian football club based in the city of Turin, capital of the Piedmont region. It was founded on November 1, 1897 under the name “Sport Club Juventus” by a group of local students.5 It is the second oldest Italian football team among those still active – after the football section of Genoa – and, together with Torino, is one of the two professional football clubs in the Piedmontese capital. Linked to the Agnelli family since 1923.6 the club has been playing continuously in the top professional category of Italian football (called Serie A since 1929) since its foundation, with the only exception of the 2006-07 season. The club has played at Allianz Stadium since 2011, which has a capacity of 41,507 people.

Juventus are the most successful team in Italy and, at the same time, one of the most successful and renowned clubs in the world. It is the club with the largest number of official titles won in Italian football with a total of 57 championships (36 Leagues, 13 Cups, 8 Super Cups). It was the first Italian and Southern European club to win the UEFA Cup (season 1976-77), at an international level; it is noteworthy that it is the sixth European club and the twelfth in the world with the largest number of official international titles at the level of confederation and interconfederation, being also the first club in the history of European football to win the three main competitions organized by the European Union of Football Associations and the first club in the world – and the only one so far – to win all confederation competitions (and the interclub world title).

Wallpaper for PC (Horizontal)

These are the wallpapers for computer screen background. They are horizontal images.

In 2009, it was recognized as the best Italian club of the 20th century and second at European level during the same period by the International Football History and Statistics Federation, an institution recognized by FIFA.14 Its classic rivals are the Torino Football Club, with whom plays the Turin classic, and Inter Milan, against who plays the so-called Italian classic.

According to a survey conducted by Instituto Demos (September 2015), Juventus is the team with the largest number of fans in Italy with 35% preferences.15 Furthermore, the Turin team is one of the clubs with the most fans in the world with more than 290 million – 41 million of which are in European territory – according to a report by the Market Research Firm Repucom SA in 2014.

What wallpaper did you like the most? Which of the images will you use as the background of your mobile device or computer?

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