Today’s horoscope: forecast of 06/01/2021 for your sign

Horóscopo do dia


The stars will be in a boil and the good news is that they will conspire in your favor, starting with the Moon that will enter your House 3 and the New phase tomorrow, stimulating your communication power and versatility. You will know exactly what to say to defend your ideas and convince people. Encourage dialogue, give your opinion more at work and explore your good language to stand out professionally.

The Sun will also play in your team and will form a powerful aspect with Saturn, favoring the longevity of your ideals and bringing great chances to accomplish important goals.

In matters of the heart, the tip is to multiply your contacts and your conversations: start chatting on social networks, send a friend request, exchange likes and interact a lot: this will be the way to attract crushs. In the novel, say what you want and how you feel. This will only strengthen your love life.


It will sex and everything indicates that the humiliated will be exalted! The sky announces a great phase for you to make money and the clearest message comes from the Moon, which will start to roll around your Casa da Fortuna and enter the New phase. All love with several stars, she will enhance your ability to negotiate and deal with material interests.

The time will be beyond indicated to explore your business acumen and show how much you can achieve with the skills of your sign. Talk to people, discover something they need on a daily basis, offer solutions and channel information to something that can be profitable: bet on your creativity and your good taste.

Sol and Saturn close the partnership, form a beautiful trine and promise a more prosperous period in employment. In love, you will want security. If you are alone, look for someone who wants a long-term relationship and escape scams. In the novel, value the union and do not abuse the charges


The stars will shine especially for you this Friday and luck will blow in your direction. The Moon enters its sign, adds energy to the Sun and changes to the New phase, indicating more prosperous and illuminated paths. The perfect time to invest in your talents and explore your Gemini qualities to get what you want.

Versatility, good will, creativity and high spirits will favor all sectors of your life, so trust your club when making decisions and initiatives. We move forward and things should go the way you expect. It can have good results in a contest or subject related to Justice.

Exuding charm and sympathy, you will only be without a love if you want, so don’t think twice to invest in the conquest. In the novel, there will be plenty of dialogue and good rapport with the couple. Seductive atmosphere in intimacy. 


Some stars are going to make your sign hellish this Friday and you should keep your antenna on so you don’t fall into traps and cheats. The Moon thickens the team and reinforces the alert, since it enters its 12th House, but it does good aspects in the sky and will also move to the New phase in the afternoon of Friday, strengthening its perception and its faith.

At work, the recommendation is to keep your plans confidential for now and to move your chopsticks discreetly to get what you want. Sun and Saturn look great and reveal: someone more experienced and who doesn’t want to show up can give you valuable help.

In sentimental matters, things must flow with an aura of mystery and seduction. A forbidden or secret attraction can really rock your heart. Just be careful of bad tongues and fake people. For those who already have a partner, it is time to nurture the bonds of trust in their life together.


The sky encourages partnerships and you can get the support of many important people for your projects this Friday. The message comes from the Sun and Saturn, which close in the partnership and form an exact and positive aspect, announcing a good moment for your sign to join forces with those who live or work. Partner with trusted people – especially the most responsible and experienced – to achieve your goals and conquer your career space.

Tomorrow the Moon also brings incredible news; enters his House 11 and enters the New phase in the afternoon, boosting his dreams and ideals. Your friendships will be strengthened and you will be able to have good news in your social contacts, especially on the internet.

The lunar incentive should extend to matters of the heart and attunement to someone in the class can yield something more than friendship. Green light for romance, even from a distance. Firm and strong union: take the time to make plans with your better half.


The phrase “you who fight” never made as much sense to you as it will this Friday! But, if it depends on the encouragement of the stars, you will fight even more for your goals and will not save effort to guarantee the space and recognition you deserve.

Tomorrow, the Moon migrates to the highest point of its Horoscope and enters the New phase, giving the stimulus it needs to fight for its ambitions. You can fulfill an important goal, earn praise from bosses and even achieve something you’ve been waiting for.

Sol and Saturn also play for their team and promise success in their professional endeavors. Health is better protected and your discipline to take care of yourself will give great results. Just don’t leave romance aside; it is time to involve the couple in their projects and participate more in the life of those they love. In flirting, your selective side will be on duty and everything indicates that you will only give chance to those who prove you deserve your love. Say what you want flatly.


Tomorrow the Moon will be your partner and will bring you good surprises! In addition to joining Gemini, which is her astral brother, she will join forces with the Sun in the same sector and move to the New phase in the afternoon, expanding her horizons and encouraging her improvement, especially in the personal, spiritual and cultural aspects. . 

The time is ripe to focus on studies and enrich your knowledge, so don’t miss an opportunity to take online courses and invest in your evolution. Sun and Saturn also reveal a favorable period for those who plan changes in the routine of the home or job.

It will be easier to get along with relatives and therefore the bullshit in the WhatsApp family group will have a certain embezzlement. In love, the green light to meet different people on social networks and get in tune with a person who can become special in your heart. In the union, the order is to seek new stimuli and air the relationship; invent something to do with the couple in the love nest.


Is it change you want? Then take it! Get ready for a day of transformation: the message arrives from the Moon, which will migrate to your 8th House, closes in partnership with the Sun and enters the New phase in the afternoon. Changes tend to occur and you have more to see the news with optimism and courage, without fear of the obstacles that may arise. Some challenges? Think of learning and opportunities for growth.

The Sun also forms an exact and harmonious aspect with Saturn this Friday, sending good fluids to address domestic and family interests. You will have more maturity to act and can make partnerships and agreements very advantageous.

In the sentimental field, your charm will be simply irresistible: make neat selfies to win many likes and impress the crush. Absolute success in conquest and life together. With the pair, the climate promises to set fire to sex.


It will sex with great vibrations from the stars and great promises for your sign. This Friday, the Moon will be all over your house 7, will approach the Sun and enter the New phase, bringing many stimuli to your life and your relationships, whether on a personal or professional side.

Unity is strength and you will have proof of this if you decide to join forces with colleagues to achieve a common goal. The moment is to bet on the communion of interests, show empathy, invest in partnerships and exchange ideas with those who live together. Sol and Saturn recommend listening to advice from more experienced people, as you will only have to gain, profit and learn. Now, a tip: you will not hear advice from those who know less than you, right, my daughter?

In love, it is a favorable time to start a serious relationship or look for your soul mate: encourage contacts and flirting on social networks. Those who have already found their partner will have a period of union, dialogue and a lot of security in the romance.


The Moon will start to take a walk in your 6th House, add energy to the Sun and also enter the New phase, sending many stimuli for you to take care of yourself and preserve your well-being this Friday. Take the time to invest in healthy habits, especially in food. Although it is Friday, it is better to replace snacks and good drinks with a salad and lots of water!

Tomorrow the Sun also harmonizes with Saturn, its ruler, and reveals that the day has everything to be very productive in work and finance. In addition to having extra doses of disposition, you will waste creativity and will have a lot of ease to meet the expectations of others. So much effort can even guarantee an extra cash for your pocket. Was it your dream?

In the afternoon, the Moon also exchanges likes with Saturn and reinforces the good mood for its material matters. In flirting, acquaintances will have a better chance of touching your feelings. In the union, you will be happy to help and be useful for your good.


If it depends on luck, creativity and enthusiasm, you will be with everything and nothing will hinder your success this Friday! The Moon is going to your House 5 in the morning, joining forces with the Sun in the most positive part of your Horoscope and will open your paths.

At work, it will be the time to take advantage of your talents, infect your colleagues with your high spirits and bet on sympathy to achieve good agreements and results. If you like to risk your luck in lotteries, take advantage of the lucky tide and stamp your guesses.

In passion, the sixth promises to have a total of zero defects. As there is a strong planetary concentration in your astral paradise, you will only be without a love if you want to: use and abuse its charm. In life as a couple, a season of great affection, romanticism and seduction with the couple. Just enjoy!


Domestic interests are gaining ground, and stars encourage you to return home more this Friday. The Moon begins to act in the family sector of its Horoscope, doubles its energies with the Sun and enters the New phase, bringing news for the subjects of its nest. Your home and relatives will have priority and it will be a good day to talk, settle some pending issues and even make some decisions together with loved ones.

At work, isolating yourself in a quiet corner and concentrating on your activities can be more productive than you think. Sol and Saturn indicate that there is a possibility of resuming an old project.

In passion, that ‘hi, gone (a)’ can pop up on your cell phone screen and a love from the past can reappear wanting to talk. God forbid or I wish? Consult your heart and evaluate if it is worth it. In the relationship for two, a homemade and more intimate program will do the couple good. Prepare the popcorn, the brigadeiro pan, nestle on a deck and choose the film!

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