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Mobile/smartphone and tablet wallpapers (vertical)

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Chelsea Football Club is one of the largest English football clubs, based in London, founded on 10 March 1905.

The club won the 2011-12 UEFA Champions League, the 2012-13 and 2018-19 UEFA European Championship, the 1970-71 and 1997-98 European Cup and the 1998 UEFA Super Cup at continental level. At national level, it has won the English Premier League six times, the FA Cup eight times, the English League Cup five times, the FA Supercup four times and the English Members’ Cup twice.

Between 1939 and 1945, Chelsea was forced to leave the English League, along with many other clubs, because of World War II, since all the results obtained during the conflict were seen as “unofficial”. In this way, Chelsea competed in a number of regional competitions and, like any other club, its squad was seriously shrinking due to the war (only two Chelsea members were not part of the war). The club had its first great success in 1955, when it won its first English title. It also won several titles during the 1960s and 1970s, but did not win another major title again until 1997. However, it experienced its best moments during the 2000s and early 1990s, levelled at winning the English national title five times, once the UEFA Champions League and twice the UEFA Europe League, entering the second group of clubs that won the four major European tournaments, becoming the first English club to win that mark.

PC/Computer wallpaper (horizontal)

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Chelsea plays its home games at Stamford Bridge Stadium, which has a capacity of 41,663 spectators and is located on Fulham Road. The club is not located in Chelsea, but in the neighbourhood of Fulham, near the border between the neighbourhoods. The club was bought in 2003 by Russian oil magnate Roman Abramovich.

The traditional colour of the club is royal blue, used for shirts and shorts, while white is used for socks. Its shield is traditionally composed of a lion holding a cane. The original version of this shield was first used in 1953, when Ted Drake was responsible for changing the club’s image. The shield was changed in 2005 to commemorate Chelsea’s centenary and is still in use. The club has a large number of fans and has the fifth highest average attendance in England. According to a survey released in 2010, Chelsea also have the fourth largest fan base in Europe, with approximately 22 million fans, a number that includes supporters from other countries.

In 1896, Henry Augusto “Gus” Mears, a football enthusiast and businessman, together with his brother, Joseph “Joe” Mears, bought Stamford Bridge in Fulham Road, West London, with the intention that the stadium would host matches of the highest standard in English football, but they had to wait until 1904 before they could take possession of the property, since, by the laws of the time, the new owner could only take possession once the current one had died. After taking possession of the stadium for good, they tried to persuade Fulham’s president to adopt the stadium as their home, but failed after a dispute over the rent. After failing to bring in football matches, they decided to sell the stadium to the Great Western Railway Company, which was building the railway line linking London to the west of England, but on the advice of their friend Fred Parker, the Mears brothers decided not to sell it, and to create a club to play matches at the stadium, thus creating Chelsea Football Club.

Chelsea was founded on 10 March 1905 in a pub called The Rising Sun. It played its first official match on 2 September 1905, in the defeat to Stockport County by the English Second Division. His first victory was in a friendly against Liverpool, where the Pensioners (as it is also known) won 4-0.

The club’s first player was Scottishman John Tait Robertson, who was also the coach at the same time. The club began with the signing of players from other teams, including goalkeeper William Foulke, who had just won the FA Cup with Sheffield United and Jimmy Windridge, who came from Small Heath. The club finished in a respectable third place in their first season. But Robertson left the team in 1907 due to conflicts with the board. William Lewis became the interim coach, taking the team to the end of the season, largely thanks to goals from Windridge and George Hilsdon. The latter was the first striker to play for Chelsea, scoring five goals in twenty-seven games in his first season, as well as being the first player to score more than a hundred goals in the Blues jersey.

Lewis was replaced by David Calderhead, who would remain in charge of Chelsea for the next 26 years. In the first few seasons, the team had little success, staying between the First and Second Divisions. He was relegated in the 1909-10 season, returning in the 1911-12 season and finishing last in the 1914-15 season. He reached the FA Cup final in 1915 against Sheffield United, but ended up losing 3-0. The club would have been relegated that same season but the championship was suspended due to World War I and, after the end of the war, Chelsea were invited to play in the First Division again.

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